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Assess wine and bread according to the PAR-System which supports the objective replication of the tasting results and assures the quality enhancement of the product ranking.

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National and international wine awards and tastings



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Wine-growers from all over the world rely on fungus-resistant grape varieties – so-called PIWI vines – to brave the weather in all its forms. Association for promoting these grapes, the “PIWI International” for short, in tandem with WINE System AG annually launches the

International PIWI Wine Award. 


While remaining one of the most important dégustations in the sector, the international organic wine award enter the thenth round in June 2019. Organic Vintners from all over the world were cordially invited to submit their products for the tasting run by the renowned PAR®-Jury.

Wines from 28 different countries created another record-setting year for this quality competition in 2018, the results and analyses of which find use in marketing and reinforced in the quality management of the international wine-growing estates.



PAR® Wine Award International is an exciting tour through the wine world stretching from Poland to Israel and from Armenia to Greece. This event, established in 2016, invites tasters, wine retailers, restaurateurs and

connoisseurs to discover wine qualities and styles of these countries. The principal objective of the contest is to highlight the diversity of the products native to the well-known and upcoming wine-growing nations in the Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean area and the Black Sea region.

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Comprehensive  information about wines, wineries and tasting results can be found in our wine archive.


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