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PAR® More transparency for professional wine evaluations


A criterion for the professional evaluation of wines should be the incorruptibility of the used method.

A taster‘s personal preferences must not affect  the assessment and evaluation in any

way. The procedure should always be informative, professionally accurate and comprehensible.


The PAR® system, developed by Martin Darting, meets all these requirements and goes even further.


PAR® stands for Product, Analysis and Ranking.


In this method, all required information about a product is available for the taster: vintage,

grape variety, growing area, maturation, as well as alcohol, acidity, and residual sugar content.

The following analysis relies on the well-proven sensory methodology of the olfactory and gustatory

aspect. However, the PAR® system makes a clear distinction between quantitative and qualitative evaluation. On a scale of 1 to 10, the examiner rates each of the criteria specified by the system in a negative or positive gradation. The data is collected digitally and processed by the advanced PAR®-program to yield the results in a 100 point scheme.

The system also displays the individual evaluation criteria in a graphical, easily understandable form.

While the total score is a criterion for awards, the graphical representation presents the sensory characteristics of the product.


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