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Generation change at WINE System AG

Gisela Wüstinger hands over the management to Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting - Frasdorf, August 2019

After 20 busy years of innovation and growth Dipl.-Kfm. Gisela Wüstinger, Managing Director of WINE System AG in Frasdorf, says goodbye and goes into her wellearned retirement.

Established in 1999, WINE System AG, with its extensive and informative wine database, builds a solid footing for the PAR® rating system, that was developed by Martin Darting. Under the administration of Gisela Wüstinger and the technical responsibility of Martin Darting, WINE System AG organizes the well-known and now internationally established competitions such as the international organic wine award, the PAR® Wine Award International and the International PIWI Wine Award.

The enthusiastically sailing manager leaves the WINE System boat and hands over the helm to her daughter Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting. From now on, she dedicates herself more and more to nautical pleasures and lets herself be driven by the wind and the current.

The passion for wine has already been put into Brigitte Wüstinger's cradle. She completed a commercial apprenticeship and followed her mission as co-founder of WINE System AG. Since 2009, she has been standing on her own feet with her wine shop Treffpunkt Wein in Frasdorf. With great passion and appropriate know-how, Brigitte Wüstinger advises her customers. Her sensory training was strongly influenced by Martin Darting, sensory expert and organic wine consultant. In the future, she will sail hard on the wind and, together with Martin Darting and the growing team, keep the ship on the road to success.

After many years of successful cooperation, sensory expert Martin Darting now comes on board as a board member of WINE System AG. As the developer of the PAR® tasting system, he is primarily concerned with transparency and the comprehensible evaluation of odoriferous and tastable substances. Since the 1990s he has dealt intensively with sensor technology and sensuality. With his 30 years of experience, he advises winemakers and cellarmasters. Numerous wine and sensor experts are already benefiting from his profound PAR® education and training.

Together, the new WINE System AG Management Board members will expand the focus. Besides the already very successful wine awards, they will also push ahead with consulting, education and training in accordance to PAR®. In addition, Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting will set sail to get out on the uncharted waters and to anchor PAR® with attractive cooperation partners in other areas as well.


A recognised brand celebrates its anniversary: PAR®-tasting of more than 1100 wines from 27 countries during the 10th grand international organic wine award.

Frasdorf, July 2019 – Full of excitement, the crew consisting of certified PAR® tasters, as well as oenologists and sommeliers approached their working station on the much-anticipated first day of tasting.

In total, 1103 organic wines from 27 different countries were submitted for the evaluation - many of them coming from the 2018 extreme heat vintage. As in previous years, also the 10th grand international organic wine award showed stylistic spectrum performance. It’s a frequent practice of the PAR®-system to build teams of three jury members to address this challenge. In total, 68 wines received Top Gold, 517 nominees took Gold, 439 products were awarded Silver. The absolute front-runners, with 99 points each, were the barrique matured 2014 Pinot Noir Terrasse Elfingen from vineyard NIRO, the Swiss canton of Aargau, and 2018 VIDIANO - a wooden-barrel matured white- produced at Domaine Zacharioudakis on the Isle of Crete. Furthermore, produce from Germany, Italy, Austria, as well as wines from Spain, France, Hungary, South Africa and China were rated with Top Gold. The Awarding Ceremony will take place on the 26th of July during the Vino Alpi 2019 event in Klagenfurt, Austria. Complete ranking results, including the evaluation sheets, are available under

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Registration for the eighth international organic wine award is open now

PAR®- Jury will run the tasting from the 30th of June until the 03rd of July 2017 – Application Deadline is the 09th of June 2017

Frasdorf, February 2017 – while remaining one of the most important degustations in the sector, the international organic wine award will enter the eighth round in July 2017. Organic Vintners from all over the world are cordially invited to submit their products for the tasting run by the renowned PAR-Jury. More than 1000 wines coming from 23 different countries created another record-setting year for this quality competition in 2016, the results and analyses of which find use in marketing and reinforced in the quality management of the international wine-growing estates. In order to guarantee the continuously high quality of the PAR-Tasting, valued for its impartiality and replicability, the qualified tasters act in three men team, individually assessing each wine particularly with regard to its origin, stylistics and authenticity. The registration period ends on the 09th of June 2017.

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First PAR® Wine Award International with 108 wines, 12 countries from Eastern Europe, as well as Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions

Frasdorf, December 2016 – the primary objective of the PAR® Wine Award International is to create a platform for such exciting wine countries like for instance Georgia, Bulgaria or Israel, as well as for the winemakers working in a high-level virtuoso way. The degustation on the 09th of December 2016 made it obvious: the foundation stone was laid successfully. 108 submitted wines coming from 12 different countries posed a welcome challenge for the entire PAR team and Martin Darting, head of tasting.


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PAR® Wine Award Greece 2017 presents the results

Frasdorf, the 1st of March 2017 – Staying under the positive impression of the tasting session and keeping several new flavor profiles in their head, Martin Darting and his PAR® degustation team have concluded the 7th PAR Wine Award Greece on the 24th of February 2017. In total, 68 wines lined up at the start this year, six of them received the highest level of recognition – the Top Gold (96 PAR points each).

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International PIWI Wine Award 2016: PIWI-Power from Italy through to Denmark


Bad Dürkheim, November 2016 – PAR®-Team with its head Martin Darting ran the sixth PIWI International Award tasting on the 28th and 29th of October 2016. This event enjoyed an increase of participants and wines coming from 14 different countries. Out of in total 308 submitted PIWI products, 15 wines achieved Top Gold, 105 of them received Gold, and 124 products became a silver medal. The high-quality level of the introduced whites, both traditionally and modern reductively matured, was conspicuous. The reductively aged 2015 Cuvèe Planties from St.Quiriius wine-growing estate (South Tirol region, Italy) and the oxidatively wooden-barrel-fermented 2015 Muscaris der Feindestillerie Krauss (Styria region, Austria), both white wines received 98 PAR-points, made it to the absolute top. Initiated by the PIWI International Association and carried out by WINE System AG, this competition, established in 2010, set its sight on promoting the “robust vine.”


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Seventh international organic wine award: 1063 submitted biologically-cultivated wines from 23 countries. Maximum score for China, Italy, Spain and Germany

PAR®-Jury awards with 49 Top Gold, 346 Gold and 457 Silver

Frasdorf, the 20th of June 2016 – the seventh international organic wine award, which took place from the 10th till 13th of June, reached a new record for the number of participants and showed an unprecedented spectrum of grape varieties, styles and origins. Initiated and organized by the WINE System AG, the tasting of 1063 submitted organic wines has been run by teams consisting of three quality inspectors, analyzing ingredients and assessing them in a sensory way in accordance with PAR standards. In addition to successful newcomers, China amongst them, Mexico and the USA enhanced the tasting, conducted by nine PAR teams under the leadership of sensory expert Martin Darting, for the first time this year. Germany with 465 items, Austria and Italy with 127 items each were particularly well represented wine countries. In total 49 submitted wines have been awarded with Top Gold (96 -100 points), 346 wines became Gold (90 – 95 points), 457 submissions reached Silver (83-89 points) and 152 were honored with a Compliment (75-82 points). You can access the complete ranking including PAR documentation forms under


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International PIWI Wine Award 2016: the sixth edition of the prestigious PAR® quality competition is now open for registration

PAR tasting takes place on the 28th – 29th of October 2016 – application deadline is the 17th of October 2016

Frasdorf, the XXXXX of July 2016 – more quality, more transparency, more acceptance: International PIWI Wine Award is one of the manifold platforms established by PIWI International and WINE System AG to support fungus-resistant grape varieties and producers. Unlike many other initiatives which have been taken by this organization, discussions around viticultural, economic and ecological assets and drawbacks are not the center of attention during the two-day competition, solely the quality of the submitted wines should speak volumes. The tasting will take place on the 28th – 29th of October 2016 in accordance with the internationally accepted test procedure PAR, teams consisting of specially trained experts will analyze and assess every single wine.

As in previous years, we expect further growth of international participant number, not least thanks to the newly-established association representation in France: PIWI France.


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Quality competition to discover hidden treasures:

WINE System AG gives premiere of PAR Wine Award International

A platform for rarely discovered wine nations with a millennium old tradition


Frasdorf, March 2016 – Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, as well as further to the south located countries like Lebanon and Israel, they have it in common: an ancient wine-making culture with traditional cultivation and growing methods, which are maintained until today. Main goal of PAR® Wine Award International is to preserve the precious cultural assets, to provide producers with a platform for experience exchange and new distribution channels and to promote the products on the established wine markets. The new award is convened by WINE System AG, which organizes well-known quality competitions like the international organic wine award and the International PIWI Wine Award, and possesses wide-ranging experience in transnational wine events. The tasting will be carried out under the leadership of sensory expert and PAR developer Martin Darting on 11th and 12th November 2016. Producers from 21 winegrowing nations are invited to take part in this award, application deadline is on 31st of October 2016.

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Sixth PAR® Wine Award Greece presents the results


Two Top Gold – international styles are experiencing a strong upsurge – 35 percent of submitted wines are organically grown

Frasdorf, March 2016 – For the sixth time now, PAR Wine Award Greece has been organised by WINE System AG. The tasting took place on 20th of February 2016: two wines out of submitted 65 achieved Top Gold with 96 PAR points. Both came from Crete Island: 2014 Diamantopera White from vineyard Diamantakis and 2014 Lihnos Douraki White from organic vineyard Dourakis. Closely followed by 2015 white wine Travel to Limnos and 2014 dessert wine La Terra from Limnos organic wines vineyard named after the Aegean Island, both received Gold with 95 PAR points.The tasting has been conducted by the independent PAR jury together with sensory expert Martin Darting at the head of it.

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Record number of participants in the International PIWI Wine Award 2015: frontrunners are from Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

PAR.jury tastes 272 wines produced from fungus-resistant vines.


Bad Dürkheim, November 2015 – Record-breaking number of 272 PIWI’s from 120 winemakers coming from 12 countries were on the tasting list of PAR-team at the side of Martin Darting during the International PIWI Wine Award 2015 on 13th and 14th of November. Unprecedented participation especially in relation to countries of origin - for the first time wine from Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Poland have been submitted to this prestigious tasting, since five years initiated by PIWI International and carried out by WINE System AG.  One of the main objectives of this cooperation is to increase the recognition level and market opportunities of the “robust vine”. At the end of the day, the consumer decides whether PIWIs will prevail in viticulture in the long run.

Number of participants from Switzerland and the Netherlands has been considerably increased in 2015. Despite the fact that vintage 2014 appeared to be not always easy, three sweet wines from Rhinehessen, Western Switzerland and Jury head the ranking, closely followed by another dessert wine and sparkling wine from Württemberg as well as two sweet wines from Western Poland.


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Increasing number of participants in the sixth international organic wine award:

923 submitted wines from 20 different countries


Main issues of 2015:

quality awareness, diversity and courage for extravagance

Frasdorf, June 2015 – jury consisting of 26 independent PAR®- tasters has proceeded the tasting from 12th till 15th of June 2015. The organic wine award 2015 appeared to be the most successful since it has been established in 2009. 220 organic wine growers placed their trust in the WINE System AG jury hence the sensory PAR assessment system. The frontrunners with 99 PAR points came from Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy. Organic wines from Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, France, Greece and Czech Republic were among 59 Top Gold awards. Wide range of international styles, grape varieties and types of production was a challenge for the tasting team. The analytical approach of the sensory PAR–System helped to provide an individual and objective assessment of each wine


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PIWI International e.V. and WINE System AG arrange the fifth international PIWI wine award.


Platform for PIWIs:

PAR®-jury tastes wines produced from fungus-resistant grape varieties.


Frasdorf, 06. August 2015 – wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties are not only sustainable due to waiver of usage of pesticide but they are also very attractive and aromatic wines. In order to communicate this matter to broad public and to honour years of development work in the vineayard PIWI International e.V. and WINE System AG arrange annual international PIWI wine award. Due to great demand and for the first time this prestigious tasting will take place on two days, 13th  and 14th  of November 2015. An independent jury consisting of oenologists, consultants and sommelier certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will taste submitted PIWI wines in accordance with the internationally accepted PAR®-method . Application deadline is the 30th  of October 2015.


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„Long live the accomplished individuality!“

PAR Wine Award Greece 2015: Greek wine growers convince with high quality and enormous variety


Bad Dürkheim, March 2015 – Greece, the „cradle of the European winegrowing“ thrilled the experienced PAR-jury under the guidance of Martin Darting by the consistently high quality awareness and amasing variety of the products. Round about 70 wines from 18 different regions of Greece have been submitted for the tasting which has been carried out by WINE System AG for the fifth time. The so called „accomplished individuality“ of many producers has especially impressed the tasters. The overall winner Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - Domaine Florian from Thessaloniki – attracted special attention due to its extraordinary expressive power. It achieved 97 PAR points.ᅠSweet wine Vinsanto 2005 – the specialty from the Domaine Sigalas on the Santorini isle – became Top Gold with 96 PAR points.


An extraordinary tasting of wines with real character:

PAR Wine Award South Africa assessed round about 50 wines from the Cape

Bad Dürkheim, March 2015 – wine growers from South Africa have proved that beside the fact that they know their craft very well, they also show a very subtle sense for the international market during the second PAR Wine Award South Africa. Beside the premium quality wines of modern style a tendency with courage for  new extravagant trends was obvious. This tendency was inspiring for the head of tasting Martin Darting and his prestigious PAR-Team.  Simonsig, a very traditional vineyard from Stellenbosch, got both top places with their Tiara Reserve 2010 (98 PAR points) and Pinotage Reserve Redhill 2011 (with 97 PAR points). The Isabeau 2013 (96 PAR points) from Allèe Bleue vineyard located in  Walker Bay appeared to be the best one in the category of white wines. About 50 wines from 10 different regions of South Africa have been tasted in total.


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